BVF 2002


3 Counties Show Ground, Malvern, 6 -8th July


This show was a big let down but not for the show's fault. A chain of events just made it a rubbish weekend.

The plan had been to travel down to
Oxford, straight after work to collect a 1967 Splitscreen camper that we had bought (on the strength of digital pictures) and drive it to the show and sleep in it. Easy enough? No - the Split turned out to be a heap - what remained of the original van would have had the Time Team stumped. We were not happy - 4 hours driving, petrol for 220 miles, cost to insure the van (based on it had 12 months MOT so we could drive it away) plus I had sold my Caravelle on the basis I was buying the Split, was all wasted but the worst bit was that we had no where to sleep. We had driven down in Mark's Peugeot 206 - not the best place to sleep. Plus we made the mistake of paying for a nights camping on the Friday night at BVF! Why bother - if you are going to sleep in the car we may as well have slept at the side of the road - 40 for 2 people, 1 night and 1 day. The organisers of BVF promised to refund the Saturday nights camping (16) by post but all we got back was our tickets - strange.

Anyway, enough of the moaning. Sleeping in the car meant we were up bright and early for all the bargains but trade seemed quite slow and expensive. Totally knackered engines for 150 with no guarantee??? Maybe I am becoming a cynic in my old age? All I came away with was 2 sleeping bags and a money box from the Splitscreen Club stall (bargain).

What was impressive was the amount of high quality vans. I had expected a large amount of water cooled cars but these were easily out numbered by the vans - not Vanfest quantities but the quality was much higher. It was also apparent that the value of vans has continued to rise. Average quality vans are around the 2000-4000 mark with good original vans pushing 10,000 plus.

We had to travel back on Saturday (who would want another night in the car?) and it seems we missed the best day on Sunday. A friend of ours - also called Mark - reported that Sunday was much, much more busy. Well, there is always next year!

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If you see a picture of your vehicle and would like to add your name and a description (or even a copy), please get in touch and we will do the honour.