All Types Show

Bodelwyddan Castle, 19-20th May

The change of venue from the local rugby club ground to the grounds of Bodelwyddan castle was superb and was justified by an increased volume of visitors. The number of people who had made the effort to stay overnight seemed to have doubled over the previous years even though the threat of Foot and Mouth may have put people off. Maybe the good weather made the difference or the offer of camping in the grounds of an historic castle.

We arrived in Marks 69` just after 9am on Sunday (would have been a little bit earlier if the sign postings was better!!!) and the grounds were already very busy with people. The auto jumble was well underway but what was on offer was quite disappointing. Anyone for a used heat exchanger?? - no, not me. The number of traders was also quite low. Alan Schofield, VW Status, Bluebird Customs Type 2 owners club and the Split Screen owners club made the effort but where was everyone else???? Maybe with the increased number of visitors then a few more traders will make the effort next year.

The show and shine was up to a good standard with a reduced number of water cooled VW`s present over the last few years or maybe it was just me??

We left in the early afternoon having scoured the auto jumble 4 times. We bought rear lenses from Alan Schofield and genuine seals from the Split Screen club (early bay late splits share a lot of parts) but could not find the gearbox couplings we were desperate for. That will have to be mail ordered.

If you see a picture of your vehicle and would like to add your name and a description (or even a copy), please get in touch and we will do the honour.