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Tel. Mark Morris (01978) 790694
or Mobile 07761177509
Send me a txt msg to my mobile if you want a quick response,
I normally answer emails daily

Sid the ugly git

If you were wondering what we looked like - this is the both of us at my wedding in July 2000 - I am the good looking one (Mark Morris) sitting down and Mark is the ugly git standing. To save confussion Mark is called "Sid" - (Mark Sides - Sid - get it?) and a I am called Mark because my names Mark!

By the way - I arrived at the Church in my Camper and left in 2 white Beetle Convertables we hired for the day. Sid drove down to the receiption in the camper.

We are from Wrexham, North Wales. 10 miles from Chester, 30 from Liverpool and only 40 from Manchester!


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