The Type 2 '79

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Dash View Side view
We bought this van off a relative in January 1998, used it for about 4 months and then made the biggest mistake ever!! We decide to strip the van of the interior (which was home made) and engine to ascertain what work was needed. This was a big, big mistake. The van sat outside for 6 months as it would not fit in my garage. We finally got it into the garage by taking the pop-top roof off and letting all the air out of the tyres!! Once the van was in the garage there was not enough room to move around to do any work and my garage is bigger than the normal size. Never make this mistake. The van sat either in the garage or outside for a further year, deteriorating all the time until we decided to put an engine back in and sell it in late 2000. We sold it for less than a 1/4 of what we paid for it.

The van was a non-walk through (not the best basis for a camper) with twin sliding doors (originally a delivery van) and originally came with a T4, 2000cc engine but when we got the van it had a T1 1600 twin port fitted. The roof was a pop top but the conversion was un-known as the pop-top sides were solid fibreglass not plastic as in a "Devon". The colour is Marino Yellow.